The Romanticist’s Dilemma

I had an interactive discussion last December 12, 2015 in my Anglo – American Literature class. We discussed about the literary work entitled “The Lamb and the Tyger” by William Blake. Throughout the discussion, I stated my opinions and reflections about the said poem. Then, my teacher told me of the movement I am inclined.

“You are into romanticism.”

Romanticism. A familiar word. I already encountered this word many times. I searched it up and found some key terms. Emotions. The goal of unity of man and nature. Aesthetics. Expression. All connected, I got the point. Feeling over thinking.

Now I got it. Now I realized something.

That is why I have been called as ‘dramatic’ and ‘sensitive’ when I was in elementary and secondary school. That is why I hate drama. That is why I got tired of understanding other people. That is why I had moment-attacks when the heart do not cooperate with the mind.

I have been a romanticist all along.

But in this kind of world and reality, it is hard to show my feelings to people who learned to be numb by norms and standards.

Alas, help me.


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