Soft Spoken

Soft Spoken


I was a hush

in a forest of noise

where roars mean power.


I lost myself

in the wilderness

of pain.


But the winter came,

blanketting the activity

of ravage.


I opened my mouth

and let out

a stream of voices.


The forest shuddered

and discovered

its alter ego.


I am

a hush

of power.


An Attempt

I submitted a creative nonfiction essay in my creative writing class. The twist was I used the titles of EDM tracks to add to the reading experience. Although my classmates do not have the same taste, my mentor recommended me to post it on this blog.

I though of it, yet it needs revisions. So, for today, I will post poems or essays that used the titles of EDM tracks. The link for listening to the track is found on the title. I hope that this is a great idea…