The Possibility

via Daily Prompt: Baby

Born under the feast day of St. Joseph,

I saw the possibility of being a father.

Yet a bitter memory recurs every time-

the tainted blood unfit to the society

flowing in the letters of my surname.


Now I see the vast differences.


He took care of a Son despite its blessed origin

while my father never know how to raise me.

He helped his Son in building his character

while my father made a big crack in my soul.

He loved his immaculate Wife without malice

while my father took my mother’s blessed wings.


I cursed myself,

before troubled waters and raging skies

that I will stop the cycle.

The blood will remain in my system

till the death of mine.


As I reach another dimension

and see the alternate ending-

a newborn child, my son-

I will carry him on my arms

and whisper in his tiny ears,

“For me to save your soul,

I decided not to make you

in the conundrums of the earth.”


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