About the Author

Hi, I’m Joseph Aleen S. Salvador, an aspiring creative writer from Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines. Currently, I am an AB English student in Ateneo de Naga University. The one who inspired me to improve my creative writing skills is Mr. Jay Salvosa (you can check his page at https://sillysili.wordpress.com/). I am more into poetry, but I also write fiction and creative nonfiction.

About the Page

The page’s title “Icarus Revival” was inspired by the story of Icarus’ fall to his doom. In the original text, he disobeyed his father by flying nearer to the sun, causing the wax from his wings to melt. Icarus’ burst of feelings due to the temporary ability to ‘fly’ caused him to forget his limitations and suffer the consequences. His body submerged down the sea named after him, the Icarian Sea.

His story ended there, but a spark of imagination gave me an insight about his nature. He lost himself in bliss, being blinded by freedom. When he realized that his mind was crashing to the boundaries of human capability, the stronger and uncontrollable forces of nature decided to teach him a lesson. As a result, he fell down to the state of returning to his very origins, the earth. The intensity killed him, burying his body in the deepest realms of life.

However, it should not stop there. We could rise again through our spirits filled with perseverance to reach the peak of truth. As we reach the light, we slowly but steadily form our wings that could take us to the One Truth and Power. From that realization, my motto was formed:

“From the oceans of hiding, let your true wings unfurl and rise to the greatest sun.”


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